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My name is Alma Perissinotti. I’m a visual artist based in Amsterdam. I work with a wide range of mediums and styles but mostly within the Graphic Arts such as illustration, digital art, print making, photography among many others.

Im doing this collaboration because I think it is extremely important to work with other artists and concepts that bring people together to support matters to create small steps towards a better world for the future generations.

What I have done with the Phing Thing is an intervention with an illustration. It is the image of a mother breast feeding her baby. The character is a “Cholita”, this is how native American women are called in some parts of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.

This illustration comes from a Serie I’d been working on since few years now. It is called Protectors and it is about female characters holding fragile creatures in their hands embracing them towards their cores. I came across this project while I was visiting my home in Patagonia where nature is present in every little detail of the daily life, and it is very hard not to be influenced by it. In most of South American cultures, nature is depicted as a female force, called “Pacha Mama” (mother earth) and the connection with it remains quietly strong. I transformed the Phing Thing into the Mother of the War Child.

To add up more complexity to the meaning of the image, I created an Open mine extracting the natural resources from the ground. This is a reality that has been going on from centuries and it stills happening now all through the Andes in different levels. I think this is an opportune way to bring out what is going on in other parts of the world, where there is not an official declared war but there are still silent battles operating in other ways, destructing whole communities, cultures and nature which is, everyone’s home but the home of the children of the future.

Phing-Thing bewerkt en beschilderd voor de Phing-Thing tentoonstelling in de OBA in Amsterdam-Noord. De opbrengst van alle Custom made Phing-Things zal naar Warchild gaan. 

Kunstenaar: Alma Perissinotti

Gewicht: 650 gram

Basis Materiaal: Houten Phing-Thing (gemaakt op fairtrade basis in Indonesie) 

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