The story of the Phing Thing

Nobody knows exactly what Phing-Things are and where they come from. 

How it started…

While creating different art projects, gert-jan created the Phing-Thing. Over the years he saw with amazement what this little statue does. The reactions that people had when they saw the Phing-Things for the first time was an inspiring moment for him. The Phing-Thing was able to make people feel happy. Seeing people smile and want to touch and hold it and even give comfort to some people made him decide to bring as many Phing-Things in to the world as possible; to let them do what they are meant to do ‘spread happiness’.

The concept of spreading happiness is a very simple mission statement with such a powerful effect when achieved. This is about trying to bring a moment of joy to a strangers life. Everybody reacts in a different way and every interaction is an opportunity to spread that happiness a little further.

Everything done fair….

It is important that everything around the Phing-Things is done in a fair and honest way. Spreading happiness starts by the way we make them. For the white plaster based Phing-Things, we work with a variety of community based organisations in Holland who create paid work for disabled people for who it is difficult to find a regular job. Wooden Phing-Things are made on a fair trade basis by Indonesian woodcutter. They are using wood from pinas trees.We are also working towards having Phing-things made from recycled plastic to getting rid of the plastic soup and clean up the oceans.

Spread happiness...





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